Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snuff Film

As I mentioned before I have some odd morbid curiosity towards viewing death. Now keep in mind my voyeurism is really odd since I have only seen three corpses in my life and they all involved a funeral and I am a essentially a candy ass when blood is involved, so I have no idea where this viewing tendency came from.

Anyhoo I have no idea why I am mentioning any of this. If anything this statement makes me seem like a wack job. But I do find it curious that there is a genre titled "Snuff Film" and yet there is no recorded instance of an actual snuff film available.

I realize there are many instances of people dying on celluloid (can you use the term celluloid when most things are filmed digitally?) and I am actually surprised that some psycho hasn't produced one and distributed through YouTube.

Would I watch a snuff film? Probably, but I avoided the Daniel Pearl execution flick but I really went out my way to see the Saddam Hussein execution. Curious, curious...

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