Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lohan Naked and who else may partake in some celebrity nudity

Last month, February 18 to be exact, Lindsey Lohan finally granted all of our wishes (all of us being Lohan fans and connoisseurs of porn) and posed nude. She did a tribute to Marilyn Monroe for New York Magazine and definitely delivered the goods in a tasteful manner.

This isn't really surprising. Lohan's star was fading just a bit and she was more known as a party girl as opposed to an entertainer. The easiest way to draw attention, either good or bad, is something involving nudity and/or blackmarket home porno movie with jaded ex. Lohan went the conventional route, a road recently paved by Halle Berry in Swordfish and then Monster's Ball. I have no idea why I was mildly shocked by these nudie pics because Lohan's last flick involved a stripper pole and I have seen enough upskirt and nipple slip shots to fill a whole folder in my fantasy file. I figure if I wait long enough I will finally get a full on sexual romp or video camera shot porno from Lohan. I am being optimistic and my fingers are crossed.

Anyhoo, I foresee Britney Spears going down the same road as Lohan, and Berry before her, and show some more skin to parlay some positive PR. I realize nudity can be viewed as a desperate plea for attention but in light of Spears recent antics a porno would be a positive endeavor. My main concern is that Spears gets back into shape before unleashing any extra curricular activities.

It seems that success usually dictates an actress' desire to bare it all on celluloid, there are exceptions but I am too lazy to do any research on the subject. This is an unfortunate side effect for Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt fans. Well, I should clarify that a lot of Hewitt's lack of nudity is based on morals and personal choices but she has been fairly successful. Johansson on the other hand has no need to drum up attention to her career and can prance around fully clothed and the nearest thing we'll get is the intro to Lost In Translation to salivate a pent up public.

Am I bitter of Scarlett's lack of scantily clad roles? Oh , heck yeah and I am also hella irked by Hewitt's moral stance or whatever reason she has given for being fully clothed. I have always maintained that you need to use any talent you may have to its fullest extent and to me the aforementioned pair are wasting a facet of their talent. That's such a bummer to think about and the world is a worse place.

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