Monday, March 3, 2008

Where Is Ashlyn Gere? I May Have Found Her...

I am an Ashlyn Gere fan and it is widely known that Ashlyn Gere has been out of the public eye for quite some time. Her website and most respected news outlets indicated that she was leaving Las Vegas and heading to Texas and a career in real estate. Her website stated she was moving to Texas in November 2004.

"She has been married to producer/director Marshall Patton (
Layne Parker). Gere is now a real estate sales agent in Texas. She has a website, which hasn’t been updated since she moved from Las Vegas". -

Ashlyn performed mainstream roles under the name Kimberly Patton and was born Kimberly Ashlyn McKamy but a search of the Texas Real Estate Commission's web site doesn't list a Ashlyn Gere, Kimberly McKamy, or Kimberly McKamy as an active or licensed real estate professional. There is a Kimberly Jo Patton but all indications allude to that this is not Ashlyn Gere due to the license expiring in 2006 and the middle name of "Jo".

It seems that Ashlyn didn't pursue a career in real estate or hadn't passed the state exam (on a side note I have taken the prep class and practice exams to become a licensed real estate agent and it is very difficult) but a search of "Marshall and Kim Patton" turned up this little nugget. I can not substantiate that Ashlyn Gere and her husband run a Molly Maid that services Midland and Odessa, Texas but there are many indications that point in that direction.


Anonymous said...

Interesting about the cleaning service. What makes you think it's her other than than the name?


Rosco said...

I really think it is Ashlyn because of all the circumstantial evidence. There are too many dots that seem to connect her to the cleaning service.