Monday, March 3, 2008

Augustus Gloop: The Tax Man

Most evenings I fall asleep while watching a movie. Last night was no different as I drifted off while watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, the original one from 1971. On the DVD there is the standard 'making of' featurette and within this particular one they interviewed all the stars of the movie and I was intrigued by Augustus Gloop.

Michael Bollner played Gloop in the psychedelic kids movie and per the featurette he spoked barely any English (which is apparent in the movie because he says like 5 lines). What I found interesting about Gloop is the fact that he matured from the movie character into what I'd assume the adult version would look like. It's kinda freaky how art imitates life in this instance. Of course he doesn't seem to be some kind of food glutton in reality but is actually a Tax Man in his native Germany.

All in all I shouldn't be surprised that Gloop maintained the same style throughout his life and is now the adult version of a fictitious movie character because Veruca Salt seems to have evolved into an older version of her once bratty self. It's probably the lollipop that is creating the illusion of similarity or I am still buzzed from all the Vicodin, either way there she is.

Charlie Bucket (Pete Ostrum) emulated Bobby Brady and grew some facial hair to distance himself from his former role. Bobby Brady is the one in the mug shot and actually they look hella alike. creepy...

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