Monday, February 23, 2009

Phoenix Fun

Once again I forgot I had this blog. I mentioned this back in October when I did a brief recap of what, if I had my readers, may have missed from their favorite, Rosco Finger. Anywho, like I mentioned in my last entry I have a son on the way and he will likely be born in June in lovely Phoenix. Actually Phoenix's climate proves that there is Hell on Earth because temperature soar past 110 degrees and without the advent of air conditiong man would have little chance of surving in this desert of depravity.

Whenver they mention going green, the polar ice caps melting and all of the other prat falls of global warming, in reality global climate change (it snowed at my wedding in the frozen tundra of Las Vegas)i feel that the cities of Phoenix and Las Vegas should be held accountable. Nine-months out of the year we can not survive without A/C and due to the general lay out of the city you have to take a car to work. The city (and when I say city I mean all of Phoenix and its outlining suburbs) has a less than stellar bus line and recently they adapted a light rail system. Am I part of this problem? Most definitely. I drive 76-miles round trip to the office, usually with the AC on, while talking on the phone. But if their was a bus available I would definitely take it and be happy as a clam to do so.

Also, "happy as a clam"makes no sense to me. Clams are usually harvested for food or pearls and live in can't really move. But quality of live is relative and hell, they could be content working to adorn someone neck. To each their own I guess.

But enough about my gripe about my home in Phoenix. After a few years you get used to the unbearable heat, conservative a$$holes that think Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his modern SS tactics are all Kool and The Gang. Celebrate fascism COME ON! (Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his methods make more sense when you find his middle name is Mussalin

These days I fins myself trying to buy a house during a a recession but The Man is less inclined to loan out scrilla.Ironically enough I work for Bank Of America, or at least one of the many companies they bought in the last few years, and I can't get enough funding together to buy one of the area's many foreclosed homes.

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