Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rosco Update: I Forgot About I Had This Blog

Okay, I haven't contributed to this digital diatribe since May 1st, which is like five months and like 11 days, and there have been a few relevant Rosco changes (besides our kid Lohan coming out of the closet).

First off I moved back to Phoenix and decided to get married. That is the short version of it but essentially I headed back to the Valley on 4/20 and almost had a heart attack when I tripled my dosage of Adderall and decided to drive non-stop for 18-hours from northern California. I viewed the the excessive low grade speed as a necessarily evil because the drive is really and boring and I needed to stay awake while listening to KNBR. Oddly enough KNBR is available south of Palm Springs which is convenient because the only radio show I could find on the dial while outside of Indio involved an interview with the dude that wrote a book about Mark Roget. Side note; it turns out that Roget had a bitch of a case of OCD and his Thesaurus was the result of his excessive list making.

And secondly I am going to be a Dad soon, with the girl I am going to marry (there will be no Shawn Kemp styled shenanigans going down with Rosco). I recently learned about the fatherhood thing, like Thursday after work, and I am still in shock over it. I am really excited about being father. For the most part I have a had a really empty lifestyle, meaning that I have had to only worry about me and now I have a family.

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