Thursday, March 20, 2008

That Innocent Sex and the City Chick Might Be In Some Sex Photos

Krisitn Davis, the innocent brunette from Sex In The City, might be in a series of sex photos taken by an ex-boyfriend in 1992. Reps for Davis are denying that it is her in the pics and that there is no sex tape available. It seems that Davis forgot the simple rule of not taking pictures of yourself while doing something you may not want other people to see and also the edict of not letting an Ex have copies of the aforementioned photos. The word on the street is that the Ex sold them to a third party and then they appeared online.

In a prior post I discussed who may be inclined to partake in some celebrity nudity and/or sex tape shenanigans. Krisitn Davis was nowhere on the radar screen but in hindsight this little scandal actually benefits her career, whether or not it is her in the pics. Davis has the Sex In The City movie set to release and this could be an odd bit of marketing to garner some attention. That and it may be the means of Davis' character shedding her "good girl" demeanor.

Any which way it's unclear if it is Davis...

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