Friday, March 28, 2008

The Price Is Right For High Profile Hookers

While driving around the Bay Area with my girlfriend we got in a random conversation about the recent prostitution scandal involving the former New York governor. Per a news source that I forgot, the former governor paid $3,000 per encounter . (Actually it was $4,300 and this included travel and a $1,100 deposit towards future services.)

Anyhoo this seemed a bit steep, either my initial $3K assertion or the real $4.3K fee, because it stands to reason that you'll get an hour or two of pleasure with a good looking lady. My main thing is that Dupre is attractive but not so attractive to warrant such fees, at least according to Rosco Finger and his devilish hands.

This chatter about high priced hookers continued as we navigated Bay Area traffic congestion and I maintained I would only pay $3,000 for a romp if it involved someone famous, my list included Charlize Theron, Ashley Judd and Scarlett Johansson, just because I would have eternal bragging rights over my buddies. For all eternity I'd be the one guy amongst my friends that nailed a hot and famous chick, money spent be damned. Please keep in mind that $3000, based upon my prior job, works out to six weeks of work.

With that said I needed to know what I could get for my $3,000 in a brothel:

Chasey Lain: $1650 per hour
Keisha: $1600 per hour
Lisa Sparxxx $1600 per hour

For the most part most porn stars charge around $1600 per hour, so yeah I could twice (almost)bang for my buck.

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